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Frosted Glass

Frosted Window Film - Custom cut to your desired size or by the meter

Our Frosted Glass Window Film provides protection against unwanted glimpses.
Easy to apply on glass surfaces, this opaque window film ensures perfect privacy, regardless of the time of day or lighting conditions.
It's highly transparent, making it an ideal choice for bathroom windows.

This professional-grade film is also recommended for decorators and interior designers seeking practical and decorative window solutions.

The window film is applied using a simple water-soap solution, allowing easy positioning and bubble removal during installation. To get you started immediately, each order includes a free installation guide and a squeegee.

Optimal Privacy Protection: Ensures your space remains private and secure from external view.
High Light Transmittance: Allows natural light to filter through, maintaining a bright and airy ambiance.
Self-Adhesive: Easy to apply without the need for additional adhesives.
Customizable Size: Tailor-made to fit your specific window dimensions.
More You Buy, More You Save: Enjoy price reductions with larger purchases.

By the meter
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We are sending a free installation scraper in the package for you!
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(5) Frosted Glass
(1685) Milkwhite windowfilm E3GIVMV2
(1603) 18mm Frosted stripes
(1534) Leaves
(1533) Paris
(1504) London
(1568) Nodes with birds
(113) The Coffeeshop
(1606) Frosted waves
(114) Hanji Pattern
(110) House and strets with white print
(1607) White Gradient
(1244) Harlequin pattern - white
(1683) Stars for the window
(1682) Balloons
(1684) Drops
(1590) Pearls on the string
(1589) Frosted tree
(1591) Golden Cubes
(1567) Frosted stone
(1623) Magic
(1624) Dinosaur
(1625) Adventure
(1626) Roses
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FAQ aboutFrosted Glass


How Does Frosted Window Film Work?

Frosted Window Film, also known as window or privacy film, is made from a special plastic material. This self-adhesive film, when applied to windows or glass doors, is not easily noticeable from the outside. It is opaque, thus providing privacy while still allowing soft light to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. Frosted Window Film can be easily cut to the desired size and applied to windows or glass doors. Available in various patterns and rolls, it can be customized to fit any need. Frosted Window Film is an excellent way to protect your rooms from unwanted glances while creating a cozy atmosphere.

What can Frosted / Satinato Films be used for?

Frosted Window Film is mainly used for protection and beautification of windows, doors, and spaces. It can also be used in lighting elements, decorations, and displays.

Can Frosted Window Film fall off on its own?

No, all our window films are self-adhesive. If properly applied and all mounting fluid is removed (applicable only for wet mount films), the film will adhere firmly. Some types of films might not have a very distinct backing paper, but ALL our window films have an adhesive on the back, and the backing paper MUST be removed during installation for the film to adhere properly.

Is there a difference in appearance if the film with a sandblasted look is applied horizontally or vertically?

No, the texture of satin films is the same in both directions. This means you can mount two pieces of film next to each other, even if they are facing opposite directions.

What are the advantages of Frosted Window Film?

Frosted Window Film offers many benefits for windows and doors. It protects against curious glances, thereby providing more privacy in interior spaces. It also serves as a visual shield, creating a pleasant light in the room by filtering sunlight without glare. Frosted Window Film is easy to apply and can be easily removed if necessary, making it especially suitable for temporary applications or rental properties. In summary, Frosted Window Film is a cost-effective way to design windows and doors while simultaneously creating more privacy and comfort in a room.

How can Frosted Window Film be removed?

To remove Frosted Window Film, start by gently peeling the film from a corner. It's best to use a blade or scraper to carefully loosen the film. If the film is more stubborn, you can use a hairdryer to soften the adhesive bond between the film and the window. Heat the film with the hairdryer and slowly peel it off. Be careful not to damage the window glass with excessive heat. After removing the film, any adhesive residues can be cleaned off with a cleaning solution or isopropylalcohol.