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Order a free sample

Order a free sample

Order a free sample, so you can test if the vinyl is suitable for your specific purpose.
You only pay for letter shipping.
We make the samples in approximately 30cm² size, i.e., about 5x6cm.

NOTE! A maximum of 5 samples per person.

Select the variants below:

• Exterior Solar Window Film

SENTINEL DX05 - Double reflective mirror film
Sentinel Plus 20 OSW - Neutral mirror
Sentinel Plus 35 OSW - Neutral Mirror
Sentinel Plus SX50 OSW - Neutral mirror
Sentinel Plus SX80 OSW - Neutral Blue

• Interior Solar Window Film

OneWayMirror - TrueVue 5 - Interior
Silver 20 Neutral mirror - Interior
Silver 35 Neutral mirror – Interior
Silver 50 Neutral mirror – Interior
Solar Gard LX 70 – Museum film
Ecolux – Energisaving film

• Glossy Colored Vinyl-film

010B - White
070B - Black
021B - Yellow
020B - Golden Yellow
035B - Orange
031B - Red
313 B Burgundy
041B - Pink
045B - Soft Pink
043B - Lavender
056B - Ice Blue
052B - Azure Blue
086B - Brilliant Blue
057B - Traffic Blue
518B - Steel Blue
066B - Turquoise Blue
055B - Mint Green
064B - Yellow Green
068B Grass green
060B - Dark Green
24 Cream
072B - Light Grey
076B - Tele Grey
073B- Dark Grey
751-093 Anthracite
090B - Silver Grey
091B - Gold Metallic (Gold)
092B - Cobber Metallic (Copper)

• Privacy Window Film

Frosted Glass
Milkwhite windowfilm E3GIVMV2
18mm Frosted stripes
Nodes with birds
The Coffeeshop
Frosted waves
Hanji Pattern
House and strets with white print
White Gradient
Harlequin pattern - white
Stars for the window
Pearls on the string
Golden Cubes
Frosted tree
Frosted stone

• Matte colors for car wrapping

HX20002M - Lapland White Matt HX
HX20NPRS – Deep Black Satin
HX20220M - Fuchsia Matt HX
HX20200M - Blood Red Gloss HX mat
HX20165M - Mandarin Red Matt HX
HX20108M - Lemon Yellow Matt HX
HX20VAVM - Adventures Green Matt
HX20VMIM – Military Green Matt
HX20BNCS - Nacre White Satin HX
HX20990M - Meteorite Grey Met Matt HX
HX20GGIM - Frozen Grey Matt HX
HX20G03S - Santi Grey Satin
HX20GANM - Anthracite Grey Metallic Matt
HX20MMAM - Marrakesh Brown Matt HX
HX20196S - Red Alu Satin HX
HX20548M - Florida Yellow Matt HX
HX20JJAM - Jaïpur Yallow Matt HX
HX20228M - Wasabi Green Matt HX
HX20236S - Celestial Blue Met Satin HX
HX20905M - Night Blue Met Matt HX
HX20219S - Ara Blue Metallic Satin HX
HX20BTUM - Turquoise Blue Matt HX
HX20521S - Racing Saint Blue Met Satin
HX20661S - Canyon Copper Met Satin HX

• Glossy car wrap colors

HX20002B - Lapland white gloss
HX20890B – Deep black gloss
HX20445B - Pearl Grey Gloss
HX20200B – Blood red gloss
HX20165B - Mandarin yellow gloss (orange)
HX20495B - Urban Orange Gloss
HX20JMIB – Honey Yellow Gloss
HX20123B - Daffodil yellow gloss
HX20109B – Sun yellow gloss
HX20348B - Emerald Green Gloss
HX20369B - Apple Green Gloss
HX20375B - Light Green Gloss
HX20281B - Night Blue Gloss
HX20280B – Pacific blue gloss
HX20293B - Caracao Blue Gloss
HX20299B - Montpellier Blue Gloss
HX20990B – Meteorite Grey Gloss
HX20423B -Hexis Shark Grey
HX20V14B – Sherwood Green Metallic Gloss
HX20228B - Wasabi Green Metallic Gloss
HX20532B – Abyssal blue gloss
HX20905B - Night Blue Met Gloss

• Matte Colored Vinyl-film

010M - White
070M - Black
020M - Golden Yellow
021M - Yellow
035M - Matt Orange
031M - Red
041M - Pink
045M – Soft Pink
043M - Lavender
056M - Ice Blue
053M - Light Blue
054B - Turquoise
052M - Azure Blue
518M - Steel Blue
054M - Turquoise
055M - Mint Green
064M - Yellow Green
068M - Grass Green
060M - Dark Green
072M - Light grey
076M - Telegrey
073M - Dark Grey
090M - Silver Grey (alu)
091M - Gold Metallic (Gold)
092M - Copper (Metallic)

• Bubble-Free Colored Vinyl-film

Glossy Hvid Bobbelfree vinyl - HXS5001B
Matte White HXS5001M
Glossy Black HXS5889B
Matte Black HXS5889M
Glossy Red HXS5186B
Glossy Orange HXS5165B
Glossy yellow HXS5109B
Glossy Dark Blue HXS5280B
Glossy light blue HXS5299B
Glossy Green HXS5370B
Glossy Grey Bobbelfree Vinyl - HXS5446B
Anthracit Grey Metallic HXS5433
Glossy silver HXS5877B

• Glitter Metallic Wrapping Vinyl for Cars

HX20BSAB - Glitter Saturn White Gloss
HX20NCAB – Glitter Catechu Black Gloss
HX20RGRB - Garnet Red Gloss HX
Avery Supreme Diamond Red - BD304
HX20RINB – Glitter Indian Pink Gloss
HX20RDRB – Glitter Jellybean Pink Gloss HX
HX20OAUB – Glitter Aurora Orange Gloss HX
HX20P005B - Triton Blue Gloss HX
HX20P004B - Blue Brillant Apollon
HX20BFJB – Glitter Fjord Blue gloss - Turkis
HX20VBYB- Glitter Byzantine Fiolet gloss

• Adhesive Whiteboard

White whiteboard film
Whiteboard film transparent
White Whiteboard Film – Magnetic
Larko Flex Magnetic Whiteboard whith foamback

• Fluorescent Colors for Carwrapping

HX20612B - Fluorescent Green Gloss
HX20613B - Fluorescent Yellow Gloss
HX20614B - Fluorescent Orange Gloss
HX20615B - Fluorescent Red Gloss

• Transparent colored film

C4168 - Primrose
C4210 - Saffron
C4249 - Red
C4281 - Raspberry Red
C4387 - Dark Blue
C4433 - Moss Green
C4282 - Purple
C4080 - Grey

• Security Film for Windows - Against Scratches and Splinters

Protective Film for flat glass INTERIOR MOUNTING

• Black board

Adhesive Blackboard

• Wrapping Vinyl With Pattern

A-TACS woodland Camouflage wrappingfolie
Camouflage wrapping Folie
Vinter snow Camouflage wrapping vinyl.
Navy Camouflage Wrapping vinyl.
Pink Camouflage wrapping vinyl.
Urban Camouflage wrapping vinyl
Cork Wrapping vinyl.
Concrete Wrapping vinyl
Rust Look

• Adhesive Iron Foil

Dark Grey Iron foil

• Magnetic foil

Magnet White 0.8mm
Magnet 2,0mm - Sort

• Car Wrap Vinyl with Texture

HX30CAF89S - Black Forged Carbon Satin HX
Black Carbon vinyl 3M 2080 serie
HX30BASILB - Brushed Alu Glosse wrapping vinyl | Buy by the
HX30BAGANB - Brushed Alu Anthracite Grey

• Blockout Film - Window Blockout

Blackout Film - Window Block Supreme

• Super Chrome Wrapping Vinyl

HX30SCH01B - Super Chrome Silver Gloss
HX30SCH03B - Super Chrome Titanium Gloss
HX30SCH13B - Super Chrome Ebony Black Gloss
HX30SCH02B - Super Chrome Red Gloss
HX30SCH08B - Super Chrome Orange Gloss
HX30SCH04B - Super Chrome Green Gloss
HX30SCH14B - Super Chrome lime green gloss
HX30SCH09B - Super Chrome Turquoise Gloss
HX30SCH05B - Super Chrome Blue Gloss
HX30SCH06B - Super Chrome Purple Gloss
HX30SCH10B - Super Chrome Pink Gloss
HX30SCH07B - Super Chrome Gold Gloss
HX30SCH12B - Super Chrome Rose Gold Gloss
HX30SCH15B - Super Chrome Arabica Copper Glossy

• Reflective Film (Self-adhesive)


• Adhesive Mirror Film

Std. mirror foil - Silver/Chrome
Solar Gard® Mirror Shield

• Transparent Film / Laminate

Glossy Laminate
Matte Laminate
Anti-graffiti laminate
Non-slip floor laminate

• Stone Guard Film

Stone Guard film
Black protective vinyl for entry and trunk

• Leather Look Vinyl Film

Red leather look
Leather look orange
Leather look yellow
Green leather look
Blue leather look
White leather look
Grey leather look
Black leather look

• Hexis Bodyfence

BodyfenceX - Gloss
Bodyfence - Matt

• Self-adhesive marble film

White marble
Sort Marble
Green marble

• Wood

Dark boards
herringbone pattern Parquet
Dark wood vinyl with knots - jatoba
Light grey birch wood with knots
Light gray walnut - wood vinyl
Brown Jungle Wood vinyl
Dark Brown Grooves Wood
Red Stripes Wood vinyl
Light Spruce Wood vinyl
Grey Oqak – Fvinyl
OSB Structure

• Stone Motif

Stone wall
Red bricks
Concrete vinyl - Newyork
White stones
Colored stones

• Camouflage

A-TACS woodland
Camuflage - Forrest
Camouflage Navy
Camouflage- winter sno
Camouflage - Urban
Camouflage - Pink

• Cork motif vinylfilm


• Rust Look Vinyl Film


• Fluorescent film

Neon Yellow
Neon Green
Neon Pink
Neon Orange

• Glow-in-the-dark

Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast

• PURE ZONE® Antimicrobial Film

Antimicrobial Laminate - Glossy - PURZON060B
Antimicrobial Laminate - Matte - PURZON060M
Leather structure-laminate - PCAMPGB
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