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Car Vinyl Wrap: Transform Your Car with Vinyl Wraps!

Our self-adhesive carwrap film is specially designed for wrapping vehicles, but it can also be used to wrap vans, trucks, bikes, and even machinery. This high-quality vinyl wrap provides outstanding protection for your paintwork while giving your vehicle a new look with a wide variety of finishes and textures to choose from.

Choose between:

Matte colors for car wrapping
Wrapping vinyls in matte colors give your car a stylish appearance. These....more..
Glossy car wrap colors
Is it easy to wrap your car in vinyl? No, it requires quite a bit of patience,....more..
Glitter Metallic Wrapping Vinyl for Cars
Glitter metallic vinyl is for those who want a more exclusive look for their....more..
Fluorescent Colors for Carwrapping
The fluorescent colors in this series are ideal for creating eye-catching....more..
Wrapping Vinyl With Pattern
Car wrap vinyl with Camouflage, Cork, Concrete, Rust Look. if you need other....more..
Car Wrap Vinyl with Texture
These wrapping vinyls with texture can be used on common surfaces such as....more..
Super Chrome Wrapping Vinyl
HEXIS Super Chrome is a high-performance, multi-layered wrapping vinyl for....more..
Stone Guard Film
Transparent vinyl that protects the paint in the car's door opening and....more..
Hexis Bodyfence
Hexis Bodyfence X is a self-adhesive and transparent film, which with its....more..

Vehicle Wrap Vinyl

Our specially designed self-adhesive films are perfect for car wrapping. They can be stretched and shaped with heat to perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle's surface. Transform the look of your car with our wide range of high-quality finishes, including carbon fiber, satin, and metallic. Trust us to deliver exceptional value for all your car wrap needs at an affordable price point.

Pros and cons of using a vinyl wrap on your car



Ultimately, deciding whether to use a vinyl wrap on your car comes down to personal preference and specific needs. It's essential to consider both the benefits and drawbacks before making this decision.