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Professional Privacy Window Films

Privacy window film
Privacy window film with patterns is a smart way to provide screening, and you can choose designs that are completely opaque so one cannot see through, or you can opt for a privacy window film with a pattern where passersby normally won't peek in, but you can still keep an eye on what's happening on the other side of the window.

The various film patterns make it possible to decorate both practically and personally, whether you prefer a lot or a little pattern.

All the window films below are self-adhesive, so there is no risk of them falling down on their own.

Choose between:

Frosted Window Film
Our Frosted Glass Window Film provides protection against unwanted....more..
18mm Frosted stripes
This elegant frosted stripes look good in both work environments and private....more..
Frosted Waves
Simple window film, with waves in a frosted look. The transparent space between....more..
Pearls on the string
A beautiful organic pattern with beads on a string. The pattern is not....more..
Prevent people from looking inside with frosted film for windows, with London....more..
Self-adhesive window film featuring a large number of the main attractions and....more..
Frosted stone
This film is also good for the shower wall. The pattern is not completely....more..
White Gradient
Privacy film for windows. Completely closed at the bottom, but with the....more..
Frosted windowfilm, which keeps curious glances away, but still lets in....more..
Nodes with birds
Glass film with music and bird motifs. New version with fresh new colors! This....more..
This charming window film featuring children with balloons adds a delightful....more..
The Coffeeshop
Get in the cafe-mood. This glass film with letters and coffee motifs is perfect....more..
Harlequin pattern – white
This simple harlequin pattern creates a beautiful effect, while also protecting....more..
Hanji Pattern
This window film has a light and organic pattern. With this film, you get a....more..
House and strets with white print
This self-adhesive film with fun and creative patterns gives you a pleasant....more..
Matte film with droplet pattern. The film is matte white and the droplets are....more..
Stars for the window
This window film with stars is a good solution for creating privacy in your....more..
Golden Cubes
An elegant floating film with golden printing that catches the eye on the....more..
Frosted Tree
Floating organic motif, with frosted trees that bring life and good mood.more..
Magic is made with inspiration from the wizard's workshop. Beautiful opaque....more..
Cheerful and playful dinosaurs for the window. Here there are long necks, T-rex....more..
Princesses and knights, frogs and enchanted carriages, and horses. Let me take....more..
Classic motif with roses approximately 15-17 cm in size. The roses are....more..

Choose your variant here:

(5) Frosted Glass
(1685) Milkwhite windowfilm E3GIVMV2
(1603) 18mm Frosted stripes
(1534) Leaves
(1533) Paris
(1504) London
(1568) Nodes with birds
(113) The Coffeeshop
(1606) Frosted waves
(114) Hanji Pattern
(110) House and strets with white print
(1607) White Gradient
(1244) Harlequin pattern - white
(1683) Stars for the window
(1682) Balloons
(1684) Drops
(1590) Pearls on the string
(1589) Frosted tree
(1591) Golden Cubes
(1567) Frosted stone
(1623) Magic
(1624) Dinosaur
(1625) Adventure
(1626) Roses
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Privacy Window Film

Our Opaque Window Film offers a fantastic way to ensure privacy in your spaces. Designed to obscure view from the outside while maintaining your interior aesthetic, these milky films provide effective privacy protection, shielding you from the gaze of neighbors or passersby. The frosted glass film, being self-adhesive, is perfect for various glass surfaces like windows or glass doors. With a wide array of unique designs available, you can achieve the desired level of privacy and style, suitable for any room - be it office, bedroom, or bathroom. Additionally, these high-quality protective and decorative films are affordably available online and are simple to install, saving you time and effort while offering more personalization options.

Patterned Window Film for Creative Privacy

Patterned Window Film is a creative way to protect against prying eyes while adding a touch of individuality to your spaces. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can customize your privacy according to your preferences. Learn more about the diverse options of patterned window films here.

Easy Removal

Another advantage of window film, compared to frosted glass windows, is its easy removability. Whether you want to revert to clear glass or switch to a new patterned film, our films are cost-effective and easy to change. You can remove them whenever you wish, effortlessly.

Light Penetration

While blocking views, our window films fortunately do not block light. You'll still enjoy natural light even after film installation. For completely darkened rooms, we also offer films that block light but generally allow good light penetration. Opting for a film with a partially transparent pattern lets even more light through!

Benefits of Opaque Window Film

Opaque Window Film offers numerous benefits worth considering. It not only provides privacy and protection from view but also offers pleasant room darkening. The milky glass film shields against harsh sunlight while still allowing enough brightness. Its self-adhesive nature makes it easy to apply, suitable for offices, bedrooms, or bathroom windows. Available in various styles, it can be custom-cut to meet personal needs. With Opaque Window Film, you can stylishly design your interior while ensuring effective privacy and glare protection. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution for all types of glass surfaces, whether indoors or on exterior windows. From self-adhesive frosted films to decorative films, you'll find the perfect solution for your needs, allowing you to design your spaces as you desire while enjoying effective privacy and sun protection.