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Fluorescent / Neon Film

ORACAL® 6510 Fluorescent Cast-film - the ideal solution for eye-catching graphics that stand out under all lighting conditions, especially in twilight and poor visibility. This versatile film is perfect for vehicle and bus advertisements, nameplates, and all types of graphics that require high attention. With its strong adhesion and excellent resistance to temperature and saltwater effects, ORACAL® 6510 Fluorescent Cast-film remains performance and attractive under demanding conditions.

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(1324) Neon Yellow
(1325) Neon Green
(1326) Neon Pink
(1373) Neon Orange
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High Visibility

The ORACAL® 6510 Fluorescent Cast film provides excellent visibility, ensuring your graphics are optimally displayed in all lighting conditions.

Strong Adhesion

Thanks to the solvent-based polyacrylate adhesive, the ORACAL® 6510 Fluorescent Cast film ensures lasting and firm adhesiveness to various surfaces.

Temperature Resistant

The film is designed for use at temperatures from -40° C to +105° C and maintains its performance and appearance even under extreme weather conditions.

Sea Water Resistant

The ORACAL® 6510 Fluorescent Cast film is resistant to sea water, making it an ideal choice for marine applications and environments with high humidity.