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Self-Adhesive Color Films: Add color and protection to your windows with our self-adhesive color films!

Einfarbige selbsklebende folien
Uniform Self-Adhesive Color Films in Glossy or Matte Finishes. The film is designed for application on flat surfaces. It is suitable for cabinets, shelves, signs, or windows.

Thanks to the self-adhesive properties and the consistent color on both front and back, you achieve a professional and reliable result. Discover the diverse applications of our high-quality films and let your creativity run wild.

Choose between:

Glossy Colored Vinyl-film
This glossy vinyl-film is suitable for mounting on flat surfaces. It can be....more..
Matte Colored Vinyl-film
Our matte vinyl-films are particularly suitable for places with a lot of light....more..
Bubble-Free Colored Vinyl-film
Self-adhesive air channel film in various colors. The air channels contained....more..

colored vinyl film

Our self-adhesive films offer a wide range of application possibilities. They are perfect for decorations such as lettering or graphics on glass surfaces. The installation is straightforward and can be customized - either by cutting or plotting the film. These films are combinable and allow you to achieve unique effects.