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Self-adhesive transparent colored window films

Transparent colored film installed on a window
With the transparent colored window film, interior design and window design become more fun than ever!

The colored window film is easy to apply and remove without hassle, making it perfect for both short-term and more permanent projects.

The transparent colored window film offers you a simple and effective way to add an exciting design element to your home or business. With a sea of colors to choose from, you can really let your creativity flow!

Whether you dream of a playful and colorful expression in the children's room, or want to give your store a fresh and modern look, our colored window film is your new best friend.

Choose your variant here:

(76) C4168 - Primrose
(77) C4210 - Saffron
(78) C4249 - Red
(79) C4281 - Raspberry Red
(80) C4387 - Dark Blue
(81) C4433 - Moss Green
(82) C4282 - Purple
(1166) C4080 - Grey
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Transparent colored film

The possibilities for creating effects with the transparent colored film are almost endless, it can, for example, be used in connection with sales, glass partitions in office landscapes, leaded windows and much more.You can also combine this film with the frosted film.