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Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast

Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast: Glow in the Dark Vinyl for Emergency Signage

Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast is a groundbreaking luminous vinyl designed to keep spaces safe and navigable in low light conditions.

This glowing vinyl is ideal for creating emergency exit signs and outlining escape routes, ensuring visibility for up to 340 minutes after charging. With a thickness of 150 microns and a permanent adhesive backing, it's durable, reliable, and easy to install in any indoor setting.

Certified with DIN 67510-1:2009 and F1 fire approval, it meets stringent safety standards. Whether you're enhancing a workplace, public venue, or educational institution, the Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast vinyl is your go-to solution for critical visibility and safety.

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FAQ aboutOralux 9300 Luminescent Cast


How long does the glow last?

The after glow last up to 340 minutes after exposure to light.

Is glow in the dark film suitable for outdoor use?

No, Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast is primarily designed for indoor applications due to its specifications.

Can glow in the dark film be used for safety signs?

Yes, the glow in the dark film is perfect for emergency exit signs and safety routes.

Does the glow-in-the-dark film meet safety standards?

Yes, Oralux 9300 Luminescent Cast complies with DIN 67510-1:2009 and F1 fire safety standards.