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This charming window film featuring children with balloons adds a delightful touch to your home or office. The window film not only serves as decoration, but also reduces visibility from the outside, while allowing natural light to flow in, so you can enjoy daylight within the house. Our window film is of high quality and is easy to install on your windows. It is a self-adhesive film that is installed with soapy water. This makes it easy for you to install the film without any trouble or need for professional help. You can adjust the size of the film with a craft knife, or you can request the film to be cut to precise to your window

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(5) Frosted Glass
(1685) Milkwhite windowfilm E3GIVMV2
(1603) 18mm Frosted stripes
(1534) Leaves
(1533) Paris
(1504) London
(1568) Nodes with birds
(113) The Coffeeshop
(1606) Frosted waves
(114) Hanji Pattern
(110) House and strets with white print
(1607) White Gradient
(1244) Harlequin pattern - white
(1683) Stars for the window
(1682) Balloons
(1684) Drops
(1590) Pearls on the string
(1589) Frosted tree
(1591) Golden Cubes
(1567) Frosted stone
(1623) Magic
(1624) Dinosaur
(1625) Adventure
(1626) Roses
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