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Imitated Leather Film For Decoration - Self-adhesive

Film with leather look and texture
Film with a leather look in beautiful colors. This film with channels has a leather-like surface, which gives a very authentic result. The film can be used for everything from updating your furniture to cool decorations on for example a car, store counter or in the home.

Choose your variant here:

(1548) Red leather look
(1553) Leather look orange
(1552) Leather look yellow
(1547) Green leather look
(1546) Blue leather look
(1549) White leather look
(1551) Grey leather look
(1550) Black leather look
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Leather Look Vinyl Film

Self-adhesive film for flat surfaces.
Give your flat surfaces a cool leather look. This film is available in several colors. From the classic black to the sporty red.
What they all have in common is that they have a leather look surface. So, it's NOT a printed leather texture. But a more realistic leather surface, with texture so the film both feels and looks like real leather.
The film can be used for all flat surfaces that need a refresh in a new and exciting way. Achieve a leather look easily and quickly with this self-adhesive film.

The films come with channels, making them super easy to apply without the risk of air bubbles.