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PURE ZONE® Antimicrobial Film

PURE ZONE® by HEXISWith Hexis Pure Zone® laminate, you can increase the safety among your customers and guests.
This high-quality technical film provides effective and long-lasting protection for your public spaces, buildings, and public transportation.
It can be used in all places with high hygiene requirements, such as clean rooms, cold storage, nurseries, hospitals, food industries, etc.
Pure Zone® can also be applied to screens, ticket machines, handles, cafe tables / buffet tables or glass showcases in stores and public spaces.

Hexis Pure Zone® provides an easy and documented effective protection against disease-causing bacteria.

Hexis Pure Zone® fights Corona-virus

Now it's tested and certified!

Hexis Pure Zone® laminate has now been tested and certified to fight not just bacteria, but also corona virus.
The Purezone laminate is tested to remove 94% of the virus within 15min and 99.87% after one hour.

Download the certificate here

See brochure about Hexis PURE ZONE®
See Brochure

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(1588) Antimicrobial Laminate - Glossy - PURZON060B
(1433) Antimicrobial Laminate - Matte - PURZON060M
(1436) Leather structure-laminate - PCAMPGB
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