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Magnetic foil

Magnet foil without print by the meter or cut precisely in the dimensions you want. Choose size and calculate the price under the individual variants below.

With this type of film, you can make your own magnets.

Please be aware that the 0.8mm magnet foli is only intended to be able to hold itself, and will work best as magnet signs, or covering.
If you need to be able to hold additional weight with the magnet, you should use the thicker 2.0mm magnet.

Magnet film is the magnet itself shaped like a film, and therefore it's not self-adhesive.
If you need a surface to attach magnets onto, you should choose the self-adhesive iron film instead.

Learn more about self-adhesive iron film

If you are unsure about which type of magnet you need for your purpose, you are always welcome to contact us.

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(39) Magnet White 0.8mm
(1304) Magnet 2,0mm - Sort
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