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Self-adhesive reflective film by the meter

Self-adhesive reflective film in meter lengthsSelf-adhesive reflective film is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. It is designed to be mounted on flat surfaces and cannot be shaped.
Ideal for a range of different applications, including safety signs for vehicles, building signs, and road signs.

The reflective film is of high quality and provides excellent reflection, even under poor lighting conditions. This means that your message will be clear and visible at all times.
Follow the attached instructions for easy preparation and correct installation.

Easy to cut with a hobby knife or scissors.

Thickness: 0.130mm.
Outdoor durability: approx. 7 years.

Choose your variant here:

(1570) White REFLEX
(1571) Red REFLEX
(1573) Orange REFLEX
(1574) Slave REFLEX
(1575) Green REFLEX
(1572) Blå REFLEKS
(1576) 080 - BROWN REFLEX
(1577) Sort REFLEKS
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Reflective Film (Self-adhesive)

What are the most common uses of reflective film?

Reflective film has many different uses, both for personal and business purposes.
Some of the most common uses of reflective film include:

  1. Safety and visibility: Reflective film is often used to increase the visibility and safety of various objects.
    This could be reflectors on accessories for pedestrians, cyclists, and joggers, or reflective details on vehicles and transport to increase visibility on the road.

  2. Signage and marking: Reflective film is also used to create signs and markings in different environments.
    This could be road signs, traffic signs, warning signs, and informational signs that need to be visible, even in the dark. Reflective film ensures that the signs are visible and readable under all light conditions.

  3. Marketing and advertising: Reflective film is also used in marketing and advertising to attract attention and create visibility.
    This could be in the form of reflective advertising signs.

  4. Decoration and design: Reflective film can also be used for decoration and design purposes.
    It can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces such as windows, furniture, vehicles, and other objects to give them a unique and eye-catching appearance.

No matter what application you have in mind, reflective film can be an effective solution to increase visibility and safety, as well as to create attention and visual appeal in various settings.