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Self-Adhesive Film with Wood Look - Long-Lasting

Self-Adhesive Film with Wood Look. Printed on film with air channels in the adhesive, allowing you to apply the film without the risk of air bubbles.
All the films can be joined in both directions, so you can create large surfaces and avoid visible seams in the design.

Choose your variant here:

(1291) Dark boards
(1544) herringbone pattern Parquet
(1293) Dark wood vinyl with knots - jatoba
(1294) Light grey birch wood with knots
(1295) Light gray walnut - wood vinyl
(1296) Brown Jungle Wood vinyl
(1299) Dark Brown Grooves Wood
(1301) Red Stripes Wood vinyl
(1300) Light Spruce Wood vinyl
(1302) Grey Oqak – Fvinyl
(1292) OSB Structure
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