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Solargard 🗗

Maximizes comfort and safety

Solar Gard® is part of Saint-Gobain and specializes in the manufacturing of window films for sun protection and safety. They offer solutions for homes, cars, and commercial properties that improve comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. Solar Gard® is globally recognized for their commitment to environmentally friendly solutions, as demonstrated through their participation in webinars and the issuance of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). This commitment to environmental protection, combined with their innovative products, makes them a preferred supplier for customers who value both functionality and environmental responsibility.

Interior Solar Window Film

OneWayMirror - TrueVue 5 - Interior
Silver 20 Neutral mirror - Interior
Silver 35 Neutral mirror – Interior
Silver 50 Neutral – Interior
Solar Gard LX 70 – Museum film
Ecolux – Energisaving film

Exterior Solar Window Film

SENTINEL DX05 - Double reflective mirror film
Sentinel Plus 20 OSW - Neutral mirror
Sentinel Plus 35 OSW - Neutral Mirror
Sentinel Plus SX50 OSW - Neutral Grey
Sentinel Plus SX80 OSW - Neutral Blue

Adhesive Mirror Film

Solar Gard® Mirror Shield
Solar Gard® Mirror Shield